If a Baby Squirrel Runs up to You…

When Mom does not return to the nest for whatever reason, baby squirrels are quick to seek help by leaving the nest and running to something big.  Often they run up to children.  If that happens to your children or grandchildren, do not be surprised.  Be careful, though, because baby squirrels think everything is a […]

Wildlife Moms Do Not Abandon Their Babies

This year has been a crazy newborn season.  I have been answering forty or more calls every day.  These calls take an enormous amount of my time and energy.  Most of them concern one subject; callers think they have discovered an abandoned baby. When I tell them, “Wildlife moms do not abandon their babies,” many […]

A Mother’s Day Surprise

Like me, does your mom enjoy seeing the spring blooms, hearing the birds singing, and getting outside in the fresh air?  Sunday we celebrate our moms.  Let’s band together.  You help wildlife mothers and babies with a donation to Wildlife Rehab and Release in honor of your mom, and I’ll send your mom a special […]

If a Bird Hits Your Window…

I’ve had a lot of calls lately about birds hitting windows.  If that happens to you, here is what to do.  Check to see that the bird is alive.  Since it has been knocked out, sometimes that is difficult to judge.  If you are unsure, assume it is and put it in a box.  Set […]

We Only Have Two More Days…

We only have today and tomorrow to vote for the $5,000 from Markquart Gives Back.  Thank you for voting.  If you have any friends who have not voted yet, would you encourage them to do so?  Remember to enter our full name Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release, Inc.  https://www.markquartgivesback.com/vote Thank you so much for helping the […]

Did you have the chance to vote?

I hope you had the chance to vote for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release Inc in Markquart Gives Back.  The critters need that money badly for food this winter.  If you haven’t voted, please vote today.  Be sure to enter our full name Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release, Inc.  Tell your friends.  We need all the help […]