I Took in Two Hawks Last Week

This is the time of year that young birds of prey get into trouble diving for food and interacting with vehicles because their focus is on the prey, not anything else.

Thank you to those who attended the CVLR class Thursday and gave the critters donations.  I appreciate you greatly.  This has been a slow year for donations, and I have had to dip into my credit cards and own money to feed and house the wildlife we have taken in.  I am hoping for more donations this holiday season to help us get through the winter.  Remember, we rely on private donations to help the critters.  We do not receive funding from the state or any other entity.  You are our sole source.  Thank you for every penny you can give to help us.

To encourage donations, we are offering Thank You Gifts.  With each $75 donation, you may pick a Larry Heagle t-shirt, CD, or DVD which we will send to you.  Keep it for yourself or use it as a Christmas present.  Check out the picture of the Thank You Gifts.

I am thankful to work with amazing wildlife and to know you and people like you who care about them.

Happy Thanksgiving,


PS If you give $75 or more, email your name, address, and choice of Thank You Gift to Elizabeth so that she can send it to you.  liz@psmc.com

The DVD was recorded at the Mabel Tainter Theatre and the CDs were produced by Justin Vernon.

Click here to donate:  https://square.link/u/4VrslQtP?src-sms