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Stop and Think before You Touch a Wild Animal

The best option for a wild animal is to learn normal behavior from members of its own species. Sights, sounds, and smells from people and domestic animals can highly stress a wild animal, potentially causing it harm or death. Wild animals have complex nutritional needs that are not easily met in captivity. Possessing, owning, controlling, […]

As You Get Out in the Yard This Spring…

Keep wildlife in mind.  Help them stay safe by following these suggestions. Rake cautiously; Clean gutters carefully; Move brush and leaf piles before burning; Check window wells often or install covers; Do not shut open doors.  During the time that the doors were ajar, a squirrel could have built a nest inside and had babies.  […]

Please Don’t Put Out Poison

I had a very sad week last week when I lost three Screech Owls, all due to poison.  We humans set out poison to get rid of the rodents bothering us.  Unfortunately, owls view these rodents as a meal.  The owls don’t know which rodents were poisoned and that the rodents may be easier to […]