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An Unrecognized Danger

This time of year we use tarps to prepare for winter.  Eventually, tarps get tears, and those rips produce strings.  Sadly the strings are deadly to birds.  They get caught up in the strings and can’t fly.  Sometimes they use the strings for nests, which is deadly to babies.  Birds don’t recognize the danger of […]

Like It or Not…

Whether we like it or not, winter is coming.  That realization has sent many of us into preparation mode.  Wildlife is no different.  While some are flying south, others are seeking shelter here, possibly near you.  One of those we tend not to think about this time of year is bats.  I can tell that […]

Step #2

My goal in rehabbing is always to have the wildlife go back to living in the wild.  That’s what they want and where they belong.  Before release, I want to be certain each individual has the capability to survive.  Preparing and testing those capabilities varies by species.  The raptors, including owls and hawks, take the […]

A Big Misunderstanding

I find a common misconception exists about Wildlife Rehab and Release.  Most people think I get paid to do this job.  I do not.  They also think the state gives me money to feed the wildlife.  It does not.  Although the State of Wisconsin approves my license, I receive absolutely no funds from either the […]

We Appreciate You…

Thank you to the Eau Claire Community Foundation, the Foundation of Dunn County, and Dunn Energy Cooperative for grant monies that will enable us to rebuild and repair cages that badly need attention.  Many are twenty-five years old. As we are in the process of getting these cages planned and constructed, we are handling a […]

Look Up…

The National Eagle Center just released the results of its 2022 Golden Eagle survey which had 195 volunteers devoting over 600 hours and driving over 7200 miles covering the area of southeast Minnesota, western Wisconsin, eastern Iowa, and northwest Illinois.  The number of Golden Eagles was down slightly at 99.  However, the number of Bald […]

You Won’t Believe This…

My calls last week have included birds that won’t surprise you, trumpeter swans, geese, and ducks.  You won’t believe the fifth animal, though, bats.  Yes, bats.  One day I received seven calls from Menomonie alone about bats.  Many of the callers were as perplexed as you may be. Bats in the winter, really?  Some wondered […]