With Deep Gratitude…

As we head into the final curve of 2023 turning the corner into 2024, I am immersed in gratitude.  Although 2023 had some lean months for donations, I appreciate every, single penny and drop of sweat each of you has given to help the critters.  Thank you.  Thank you for caring about the critters.  Thank you for learning about the critters.  Thank you for doing whatever you could to help the critters.  I feel so blessed to be working with the critters and to have made contact with you.  Last week an old friend brought me some benches I have long wanted and he had made especially for me.  We placed them near the cages to help me exercise my favorite pastime, observing the critters.  Doing that gives me enjoyment of their antics, helps me decide where they are in their rehab, and teaches me more about their particular species.  I have learned more from watching and working with critters than I have from reading about them.  Now I can do that from these beautiful benches.  Thank you.

I wish for you to feel the fulfillment of blessings in your life.  Happy Holidays and a blessed New Year.