Cheech and Chong Are Free

We released Cheech and Chong back into the wild recently.  Cheech was excited to fly off immediately while Chong hung back, uncertain.  Through the years of worrying about wildlife that is reticent to return to the wild, I have learned patience.  “Stand back and wait,” I advise everyone.  “The creature will exit the carrier when it is ready.”  Usually, that is within a short time.

Reaching in and attempting to encourage a departure can be dangerous.  I don’t want anyone to get hurt.  Even the little wildlife can grab on and not let go.

Chong didn’t wait long.  He took off after his brother, seeming to say “Let’s get into trouble again.”

If the wildlife is an adult and may have a mate, I try to release it where it was found.  Sometimes that is not possible.  However, I am very concerned about where we release it because I do not want to overpopulate an area.  Choosing where to release is important.  Selecting when is also critical.  Right now I am thankful for the current weather that is not wet or windy.  To give them the best chance at adapting to their new home, I want to release them when they do not need to deal with bad weather.

We have several yet to release.  The next two will have special wishes attached.  One will be released in memory of Billy Krause and another in honor of his wife Mouse.

Thanks for caring about the critters,


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