We Appreciate You…

Thank you to the Eau Claire Community Foundation, the Foundation of Dunn County, and Dunn Energy Cooperative for grant monies that will enable us to rebuild and repair cages that badly need attention.  Many are twenty-five years old. As we are in the process of getting these cages planned and constructed, we are handling a […]

We Lost Eight out of Eleven

A few years ago we took in eleven fawns in a short time period during spring.  We lost eight, partly I strongly suspect, because they were chased.  While I never know exactly what happened to wildlife I take in prior to my getting them, I can make pretty good guesses, especially with fawns.  You see, […]

The Highest Stress Wildlife

Baby bunnies are not like the Easter bunny.  They are the highest stress wildlife and can literally die in your hands if you pick them up.  They look so cute and vulnerable that handling them and protecting them comes naturally to many of us.  What we ought to do is just the opposite.  They don’t […]

Lawn Fertilizer Can Kill Birds

Among all the dangers to birds in the spring, one of the worst is fertilizer on lawns.  Since most of our birds are ground feeders, they ingest the fertilizer directly or through insects and seeds that have gotten the fertilizer on them.  Birds may also have contact with lawn fertilizer by touching it, drinking water […]

Owl Found Hanging over the Red Cedar River Released

I’m excited to share with you that Sunday evening I released the great horned owl which had been discovered hanging from a branch over the Red Cedar River in Menomonie.  To avoid a group of crows attacking the owl, I released it close to sundown. You may recall that the owl was recovering from getting […]

A Skunk Problem

A lady called me last week frantically asking advice on handling skunks that had taken up residence underneath her cabin.  “Skunks,” I informed her, “not only are a smelly problem, they also can carry many diseases including rabies.  The best way to get rid of them is to play the worst music you can find […]

The Critters and I Need Your Help…

In celebration of its 25th Anniversary, the Eau Claire Foundation has a special grant offering for organizations in the environmental category, which includes us, that raise the most money.  Right now every penny you give to Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release through the Foundation counts toward our total.  If we raise over $1000, we are eligible […]