Do Not Believe…

Yesterday I had a call from a person seeking help about a bird that had been spooked and left her nest.  The person quoted the Internet as stating, “If a bird does not return in a half hour, the bird has abandoned her nest.”

I say this a lot on the phone, in person, and in these notes.  Wildlife mothers do not abandon their nests or their babies, period.  She had a reason for leaving.  If the nest or young one is left alone and she is able, she will return.  Most of the time, she will be back.

I understand when well-meaning people come across this situation they want to be helpful.  We tend to perceive helpfulness as getting involved.  Not true.  Usually the best action to take is to let it be.  Leave the nest or baby alone; don’t move the eggs or touch the baby.  That is kidnapping.  You are taking the baby away from its mother and placing it in danger.

Please do not believe everything you read on the Internet regarding wildlife.  Before you take action, step back, wait, and if you have a question, call me.

Thanks for caring about the critters,


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