Put It in a Box…

My main suggestion to everyone who calls me about injured wildlife is to put it in a box, secure the box so the critter cannot get out, and set the box someplace safe where the critter will not be disturbed.  Give the critter enough room to move, but not too much so it could injure itself further.  Make sure the critter is in the dark.

To many people that seems cruel.  It is just the opposite.  In the dark box the critter feels safe.  It has a chance to calm down.  It has a place to be left alone.  Leave it until the next day.  Twenty-four hours often reveals that the critter is not injured and may be released immediately.

If the critter is indeed hurt, the box gives it a refuge from predators.

Remember that step.  If you find a critter you believe is injured, put it in a box overnight and check on it the next day.  If it still appears injured, call me at (715) 832-1462.

Thanks for caring about the critters,