About Us

Patti StangelPatti Stangel has devoted her life to rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned wildlife and helping others do the same.  Every day she nurses back to health, feeds, shelters, and cleans up after the animals in her care.  Every day she rescues more animals and answers questions of those who call her concerned about animals they believe may need assistance.  On special days, she releases back into the wild animals who she feels confident are ready.

In 2020 she cared for 1500 animals.

She became interested in wildlife rehabilitation as a photographer when she took pictures of the wildlife at White Pine, a wildlife rehabilitation center in the area.  Her love of these animals drew her to volunteer at the center, and over the years, she learned a great deal about them and their rehab.  When White Pines closed in 2010 leaving the area without a wildlife rehab, she decided to open her own center.

Patti’s outstanding credentials enable WRR to help many species.  She holds the Wisconsin State Advanced Wildlife Rehabilitation license, the Wisconsin State Non-profit Educational Exhibit license, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Special Possession – Live Migratory Birds for Educational Use permit and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Rehabilitation permit.

Her first full year of operation in 2012 Patti rehabilitated and released 484 birds and animals.  Since then she has helped countless eagles, owls, ducks, hawks, fox, raccoon, woodchucks, countless songbirds, turtles and other native species.

WRR is 501c3 (number TE 31306) certified, ensuring that donations may be deducted on taxes to the full extent of the law.  WRR receives no local, state or federal funding but relies entirely on donations. Your contribution will help create the “safe haven” we so desperately need for our wildlife in Wisconsin.  Won’t you help?  Please visit our donations page to make a donation!