My Name Is Elizabeth

My name is Elizabeth.  I assemble Patti’s words into the posts that you read about the critters and what she is doing.  I am penning this note in my words because what I want to say she will not do.  I understand you wish Patti the best and, just by your reading these posts, you show how much you appreciate what she does for you and the critters.

I want to give you a perspective Patti doesn’t allow you to see.  She gives every, and I cannot emphasize enough every, minute and ounce of effort she has toward the critters and your concern for them.  Not only that, she does whatever she must with the meager amount she receives in donations to house and feed them, frequently denying her own comfort by dipping into her personal funds.

Continually asking for a handout is challenging.  More than anyone, Patti understands that living within your means in an economic climate of rising costs and uncertain financial stresses is not easy.  Despite all this, I cannot tell you how many times she has shared with me how blessed she feels to be doing what she does, helping those who care about wildlife and the wildlife themselves.

While I am happy to help her in a small way with these posts, I truly want to cry crocodile tears for her lack of funds.  When she gets turned down for a grant, as she just did, life gets harder.  I understand her supporters would help if they knew the situation, which is why I am writing you.  Facing spring baby season, Patti is so low on funds she is struggling to feed the critters she has to say nothing of the new ones which are appearing daily.

If you can possibly spare $5 or $10, would you please send it?  An even greater gift would be for you to set up a recurring donation monthly of a small amount such as that so that Patti continually has money for food for the critters.  She isn’t close to the $3000 per month she needs to operate.  She desperately needs your help.   Click here to donate 

Now I must get her approval to allow me to send this to you.  If you receive it, I have been successful in my plea to her.

Thank you for caring about Patti and the critters.  Happy Easter!