The Biggest Threat to Baby Wildlife’s Survival

With our chilly weather pattern right now, the biggest threat to baby wildlife is the lack of warmth.  If you come across baby wildlife that you think needs help, the most important action to take is to provide warmth.  Don’t overwhelm it with too much heat and don’t set it on a concrete floor in a box so that the cold seeps in.  Place a towel or something substantial between the box and the floor,  Put hot water in a plastic bottle or airtight container, surround it with a cloth, and set it inside the box.  Or, you could place hand warmers under the box,  Be certain they are not too warm for the baby.  Continue to keep a towel between the box and a concrete floor to protect from the cold.

Don’t worry about feeding the baby.  It can go a while without food but not without warmth.  Once you have it warm, call me at (715) 832-1462.

Thanks for caring about the critters,


Thank you to all who gave at the end of March.  Since then, babies have been showing up daily:  birds, squirrels, fox, racoons…  It’s definitely baby season!  On April 1, no joke, I fell and fractured my left hip in one spot and my left femur in three.  I am thankful to be recovering at Dove South in Eau Claire.  If you wanted to but didn’t get in a donation three weeks ago, Patti and the critters could use more help.  Yes, there are more to rescue, rehab, and release!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart as well as Patti’s for any amount you are able to give,  Elizabeth   Click here to donate