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Suggestions from Patti of what to do to keep animals safe, how to tell if they are injured, and when to help them.

The Baby Eagles Are Falling from the Sky

Today I had five calls from people concerned that they are seeing baby eagles on the ground.  My advice, “Just enjoy.  Not many people get to see baby eagles.” When baby eagles leave the nest, they find themselves down on the ground and don’t know what to do.  Similar to baby birds’ fledgling, young eagles […]

If You Have to Chase a Bird on the Ground…

If you have to chase a bird on the ground, maybe you shouldn’t.  Fledglings spend three to five days on the ground after leaving the nest.  They learn to use their legs before they exercise their wings.  When they hit the ground, they look around, “Huh!  What am I doing here?” The parents, especially robin […]

Sometimes My Efforts Are Not Successful…

Despite giving every critter that I receive the best care and feeding I have available, sometimes my efforts do not result in the animal returning to the wild.  Part of me has accepted that reality.  Every once in a while when I lose one I cannot apply acceptance, and it hurts.  That was the case […]

Wildlife Moms Do Not Abandon Their Babies

This year has been a crazy newborn season.  I have been answering forty or more calls every day.  A couple days ago I hit a new high; I responded to sixty-three calls in one day.  Needless to say, these calls take an enormous amount of my time and energy.  Most of them concern one subject; […]

We Are in Baby-Everything Season

We are in the midst of Mother Nature’s baby season, and, let me tell you, it is busy.  A couple weeks ago, I picked up six baby Starlings, who the rescuer thought were baby Robins.  They do look alike.  They had to be fed every half-hour to forty-five minutes, and they loudly let me know […]

It’s Song Bird Baby Time…

Right now every day I am getting an increasing number of calls on baby song birds.  I tell callers the most important action to take is to keep the babies warm.  You can do that by filling a pop bottle with warm water or taking a hand warmer and putting it under the container in […]

A few days ago…

I got in four pinky squirrel babies only two to three inches long with eyes and noses not yet formed.  Their noses only were two holes through which to breathe.  I started by making sure they were warm.  That is most important for squirrel babies, keeping them warm.  They can go for a while without […]

Stop and Think before You Touch a Wild Animal

The best option for a wild animal is to learn normal behavior from members of its own species. Sights, sounds, and smells from people and domestic animals can highly stress a wild animal, potentially causing it harm or death. Wild animals have complex nutritional needs that are not easily met in captivity. Possessing, owning, controlling, […]