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True stories of critters Patti has rehabilitated and released.

Look Up…

The National Eagle Center just released the results of its 2022 Golden Eagle survey which had 195 volunteers devoting over 600 hours and driving over 7200 miles covering the area of southeast Minnesota, western Wisconsin, eastern Iowa, and northwest Illinois.  The number of Golden Eagles was down slightly at 99.  However, the number of Bald […]

You Won’t Believe This…

My calls last week have included birds that won’t surprise you, trumpeter swans, geese, and ducks.  You won’t believe the fifth animal, though, bats.  Yes, bats.  One day I received seven calls from Menomonie alone about bats.  Many of the callers were as perplexed as you may be. Bats in the winter, really?  Some wondered […]

Pairings Can Be Tricky….

A couple weeks ago, a warden brought me a Barred Owl with a damaged wing.  Yesterday the owl seemed to be improving so I decided to put it out in a cage with another Barred.  The two immediately jockeyed for domination.  I stayed in the cage ready to protect or separate as needed.  They seemed […]

A Buddy Keeps Life Fun…

Through the years I have found that having at least two animals of the same species rehabbing together helps each individual heal and the pair have fun.  I was reminded of this yesterday when I watched the two remaining raccoons play.  The smaller one jumped at the larger one, and soon they were tussling, having […]