Pairings Can Be Tricky….

A couple weeks ago, a warden brought me a Barred Owl with a damaged wing.  Yesterday the owl seemed to be improving so I decided to put it out in a cage with another Barred.  The two immediately jockeyed for domination.  I stayed in the cage ready to protect or separate as needed.  They seemed to resolve their issues, and I left them together.

Today when I went to feed them I was attacked.  The situation between the two had not been settled.  I am giving them until tomorrow to get along or I will separate them.  I have learned not to take any pairing for granted.  Be on the alert.  Even when two appear to be getting along, watch.  That may not be the case.  These owls remind me of two little boys in the backyard playing nicely, but when Mom turns her back, bam, they go right back at each other.

Thanks for caring about the critters,