You Won’t Believe This…

My calls last week have included birds that won’t surprise you, trumpeter swans, geese, and ducks.  You won’t believe the fifth animal, though, bats.  Yes, bats.  One day I received seven calls from Menomonie alone about bats.  Many of the callers were as perplexed as you may be. Bats in the winter, really?  Some wondered why they were seeing bats during the day.  Contrary to common thought, bats do fly during the day.  They’re blind and can’t see in the dark or the light.  If you see a bat, realize that it’s trying to get away from you.

Bats love 35 – 40 degree temperatures.  They don’t hibernate until the temperature is regularly 30 degrees.  They like to find little crevices such as those woodpeckers have made in trees.  Sometimes they squeeze into wood piles or under awnings for the winter.  Right now Mother Nature is playing tricks not only on us but on the bats and confusing bats with vacillating warm and cold temperatures.  With the warm up next week, more could be out.  Once winter sets in for good, they will hibernate.

Thanks for caring about the critters,


PS  I am excited that many of you have voted for the critters, Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release, Inc., to receive $5,000 from Markquart Gives Back.  Just in case you haven’t or want to pass the link along to a friend, here it is:  Thank you so much for your vote!