I Learn Something New Every Day….

I had a call the other day that I think you’d enjoy.  A guy had caught a crow that he thought needed help.  Shortly thereafter he had to leave and asked his sister to watch it.  The crow got away from her, and, although it couldn’t fly, did a high hop into a tree.  The crow hopped high enough that neither one of them could reach it.

He was angry with his sister for letting the crow get away, but confided to me that she had to be excused.  “She’s seventy,” he added, explaining his giving her a pass.

“I just turned seventy,” I responded.

Silence.  He didn’t know what to say.  Finally, he replied, “Well, I’m not there yet.”

He taught me that my age now gives me an excuse for my mistakes.

Thanks for celebrating my 70th birthday and 10th anniversary with me.  I appreciate your donations.  The critters need them badly.