I Was Thrilled to See Him Fly…

In case you didn’t catch this in the news a few weeks ago, a great horned owl was discovered hanging from a branch over the Red Cedar River in Menomonie.  The poor bird had gotten one wing bound up in fishing line that was hanging on a tree branch.  In an attempt to get free, the other wing was fully extended.

Who knows how long he had been in that position?  The Menomonie Street Department used a boom to rescue the owl, and a warden brought it to me.  I kept him in a small area for a few days so that his bruising could begin to heal.  I am thrilled to share with you that yesterday he flew down the long cage where he now resides.  He needs another month or so to heal, but I think he will be fine and able to return to the wild.

Thanks for caring about the critters,