A Buddy Keeps Life Fun…

Through the years I have found that having at least two animals of the same species rehabbing together helps each individual heal and the pair have fun.  I was reminded of this yesterday when I watched the two remaining raccoons play.  The smaller one jumped at the larger one, and soon they were tussling, having a ball.  The three Great-horned owls that have spent this summer together seem to thrive off their association.  Although each has a distinct personality, the nearness of another owl has offered support during a traumatic time.  The gray squirrel and the red squirrel that I received a couple months ago shared the same space and became buddies.  I marveled at the little Goldfinch in the wild who every day for a while last summer came to visit an Oriole that was rehabbing in a cage on the deck.  The Goldfinch flying around and talking seemed to make the Oriole comfortable.

Animals are similar to us.  We all feel better with a buddy around.

Thanks for caring about the critters,