My Two Best Helpers

Through my twenty-six years of rehabbing critters, I have found two helpers to be my best assistants, time and patience.  I was reminded of that recently when dealing with three owls who did not want to eat on their own.  I had just taken in two of them.  The third was my rehab helper, a Great Horned Owl with permanent PMS.  That’s not her name, it’s her attitude.  Yesterday one finally ate without encouragement, and I am waiting patiently for the other two to do the same.  I’m not fond of ripping a rat into pieces to prompt them to eat.  Although they haven’t eaten for a week, I have had an owl go for three weeks without eating.  After it did, it released the biggest pellet I have ever seen.  I am employing my two helpers, time and patience, to fix the situation.  Hopefully, in my next communication I will share that the remaining two are both eating on their own.  Keep your fingers crossed for them.

Thanks for caring about the critters,