This Time of Year Young Ones Get in Trouble…

I have released six owls lately.  As fast as I release them, they are replaced by others that have gotten into trouble.  The babies from 2023 are out on their own and having problems.  Remember owls can’t move their eyes.  When they spot food, they go for it, unaware of anything such as a vehicle coming from the side that may get in its way.

I’ve also had a lot of calls on eagles.  The other day I drove past two pair sitting in a field near a carcass.  I was reminded that this time of year the parents teach the young ones eating protocol.  When the parents find a carcass, they eat first.  The young ones perch in a tree and wait for the the parents to finish.  Then, they may dig in.  If the young ones approach too soon, the parents dive bomb them.

Thanks for caring about the critters,

Happy New Year!