Like It or Not…

Whether we like it or not, winter is coming.  That realization has sent many of us into preparation mode.  Wildlife is no different.  While some are flying south, others are seeking shelter here, possibly near you.  One of those we tend not to think about this time of year is bats.  I can tell that winter is approaching because my calls are increasingly about bats.  Bats now, really?  Some callers wondered why they were seeing bats during the day.  Contrary to common thought, bats do fly during the day.  They’re blind and can’t see in the dark or the light.  If you see a bat, realize that it’s trying to get away from you.

Bats love 35-40 degree temperatures.  They don’t hibernate until the temperature is regularly 30 degrees.  They like to find little crevices such as those woodpeckers have made in trees.  Sometimes they squeeze into wood piles or under awnings for the winter.  Right now we are in warmer temperatures and that warm up brings them out.  Once winter sets in for good, they will hibernate.  Until then, don’t be surprised to discover bats as you prepare for winter.  Leave them alone.  Just like you, they’ll get ready for winter, like it or not.

Thanks for caring about the critters,