If a Baby Squirrel Runs up to You…

When Mom does not return to the nest for whatever reason, baby squirrels are quick to seek help by leaving the nest and running to something big.  Often they run up to children.  If that happens to your children or grandchildren, do not be surprised.  Be careful, though, because baby squirrels think everything is a tree.  They have long, sharp claws for climbing and may try to climb up a child’s leg.

If a baby squirrel approaches you and you do not see Mom around, the most important action you can take is to keep it warm.  A baby squirrel can go for a while without food, but warmth is imperative.

As they grow, squirrels go through different foods.  I start with feeding those I take in formula, but very quickly they eat soft nuts.  While teething, they even like cauliflower but only for a short time.  Just like people, they go through the stages from kindergarten or middle school to college.  Squirrels exhibit their stage by switching from snuggling to wanting to bite to chewing through screen doors.

If you find baby squirrels and want to help them, realize that they have fleas, mites, and lice, which they will share with you.  They are lactose intolerant, consuming milk gives them diarrhea and kills them.  Call me if you have questions.  I am glad to answer them.  (715) 832-1462.

Thanks for caring about the critters,


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