Wildlife Moms Do Not Abandon Their Babies

This year has been a crazy newborn season.  I have been answering forty or more calls every day.  These calls take an enormous amount of my time and energy.  Most of them concern one subject; callers think they have discovered an abandoned baby.

When I tell them, “Wildlife moms do not abandon their babies,” many don’t believe me.  They reply, “But…”

There are no buts.  Yes, rarely something has happened to mom, and she doesn’t return.  However I cannot emphasize that is rare.  Usually, if the callers wait for twenty-four hours, mom will return.  A very common call recently concerns fawns.  A doe normally leaves her babies during the day.  She positions them in an area she thinks is safe.  Then she gives them strict instructions not to leave that spot, which is why no matter what the fawns stay put.  They always obey mom.

If you see or have friends who notice what appears to be an abandoned wildlife baby, wait.  Likely, mom will return.  She has not abandoned them.

Thanks for caring about the critters.