If You See a Fledgling Running…

If you see a fledgling on the ground and running, do not get alarmed.  Mom and Dad are most likely around, watching over it.  Similar to doing yoga or calisthenics, fledglings run on the ground to work the muscles in their shoulders in anticipation of using their wings to fly.  By running, they also move their legs.  They have spent twenty days cramped in the nest.  When they take a leap of faith out of the nest, they don’t realize they cannot return so they run to get ready for take off.

I have been receiving many calls lately about this very situation.  In all cases, the parents were around.  If you need to protect the birds from a pet, you are best to remove your pet rather than the baby bird.  Leave it with its parents.

If you must pick up the bird, remember all wildlife has fleas, lice, and mites.

Thank you for caring about the critters,