Monthly Archives: June 2022

3 Important Points about Birds

Birds don’t sweat.  When you see them with their mouths open, that is how they handle heat and humidity.  Similar to dogs, birds do not have sweat glands.  They equalize their body temperature through their mouths. Some species promote heat loss by fluttering their neck muscles while their mouths are open. Birds don’t have breasts.  […]

Baby Raccoons Are So Cute…

In the last few days, I have had over thirty calls on baby raccoons.  I couldn’t agree more with the callers who tell me, “They’re so cute!” Be careful.  They have sharp teeth and long, razor-like claws, which they need in order to eat.  They also imprint very easily.  If you pick them up and […]

If You See a Fledgling Running…

If you see a fledgling on the ground and running, do not get alarmed.  Mom and Dad are most likely around, watching over it.  Similar to doing yoga or calisthenics, fledglings run on the ground to work the muscles in their shoulders in anticipation of using their wings to fly.  By running, they also move […]

How to Unstick a Bird

I have had several calls lately about people finding birds stuck on glue traps.  If you encounter that situation, swipe either canola oil or peanut butter gently underneath the bird to free it from the glue.  Then carefully wash the bird with Dawn to remove the glue completely.  Do all of this effort with as […]