Baby Raccoons Are So Cute…

In the last few days, I have had over thirty calls on baby raccoons.  I couldn’t agree more with the callers who tell me, “They’re so cute!”

Be careful.  They have sharp teeth and long, razor-like claws, which they need in order to eat.  They also imprint very easily.  If you pick them up and befriend them, within minutes they will want to stay with you forever.

If you find one by itself, chances are it got separated from Mom when she was moving her babies.  Carefully check to see if it has its teeth.  If it does, the baby can probably survive on its own.  Take it to a nearby creek or stream and leave it.  That location offers the food and water that the baby needs.

Remember this caution:  If you keep a baby raccoon for any amount of time you make trouble for it and yourself.  Its imprinting will make it seek you out and its familiarity with a human may lead to its demise.

Thanks for caring about the critters.