A Big Misunderstanding

I find a common misconception exists about Wildlife Rehab and Release.  Most people think I get paid to do this job.  I do not.  They also think the state gives me money to feed the wildlife.  It does not.  Although the State of Wisconsin approves my license, I receive absolutely no funds from either the state or federal government. I rely totally on private monies from donors such as you to feed the wildlife.  I give of my time and must raise money to help the wildlife.

Feeding the wildlife I take in costs more than most people realize.  The owls alone cost over one thousand dollars per month.  On the average, a songbird costs $100 to rehab.  That may not sound like much, but they usually arrive in batches of four to six, sometimes up to eight or ten.  Right now in baby season that can be a great deal of money, fast.  I make sure they are fed and cared for.  Sometimes that means using my credit cards.

I understand many worthy causes ask for your donation and you can’t give to all.  Sometimes donors wonder just how much of what they give is applied to administration and how much gets to the parties in need.  I want you to know that every penny you give to Wildlife Rehab and Release goes to the wildlife.  Nothing goes to administration.  Nothing goes to me personally.  Everything goes to them.

The forty plus phone calls I answer every day to help wildlife are all given from me to you without any monetary return.  I receive none and expect none.  I give all to help the wildlife and those who care about them.

Thank you for caring about the critters,