Don’t Make This Mistake

Many people think baby birds need green grass and bring them to me in a box lined with it.  Not true.  Keep them in dry materials.  Green grass pulls body heat from them, cooling them off.  It is not suitable nesting material.  Nests are constructed of dry materials because they help keep a baby warm.

When you find a baby bird that you think needs help, get it out of harm’s way, put it in a box with dry material, and call me at (715) 832-1462.  I need to understand the circumstances and the baby’s age in order to give you suggestions about what to do.

Thank you, everyone, who sent a donation last week.  Unfortunately, we usually receive the least donations in May, June, and July but with babies coming in have the most need.  Your contributions were greatly appreciated and went immediately to buy food.

Thank you for caring about the critters,