We Lost Eight out of Eleven

A few years ago we took in eleven fawns in a short time period during spring.  We lost eight, partly I strongly suspect, because they were chased.  While I never know exactly what happened to wildlife I take in prior to my getting them, I can make pretty good guesses, especially with fawns.  You see, fawns aren’t strong after they are born.  Mom leaves them during the day to keep them safe as they grow and gain strength.  She gives strict instructions to stay put.  A person finding a fawn tends to think that Mom has deserted it.  Not true.

The fawn doesn’t want to move, but, if you get too close, its instinct to flee kicks in, and it runs.  When you chase a fawn in order to help it, you have actually put the fawn on the road to danger, whether you catch it or not.  In fleeing, the fawn has released too much adrenaline, which kills it.

Please don’t chase fawns.  Leave them be.  Mom will be back for them.

Thanks for caring about the critters,