The Baby Wildlife That Seeks Help

When something happens to Mom that she does not return to the nest, baby squirrels look for help.  They will come up to a person, a dog, or a cat.  The last two get them in trouble.  If a baby squirrel approaches you or your pet, the best action you can take is to call me at (715) 832-1462.

How to help them depends on their age.  If they are young enough not to have fur, they need warmth.  If they do have fur, they may need formula for nutrition.  Right now I have eight that are keeping me up most of the night for feeding times.

Be careful.  Baby squirrels are cute.  As quickly as you are attracted to and bond with them, they reciprocate to you.  That’s not good.  Bonding is difficult to break.  We want them to stay in the wild where they are meant to be.

Thanks for caring about the critters,