The Highest Stress Wildlife

Baby bunnies are not like the Easter bunny.  They are the highest stress wildlife and can literally die in your hands if you pick them up.  They look so cute and vulnerable that handling them and protecting them comes naturally to many of us.  What we ought to do is just the opposite.  They don’t open their eyes until ten days old and don’t have a scent until three weeks old.  That’s the time that Mom puts on her lipstick, doses herself with her best perfume, and heads out for a hot date.

She’s a floozy, and she’s done with this batch.

Be warned.  Every baby bunny has fleas, lice, and mites.  If you feel sorry for one and pick it up, you will get its critters on you and likely kill it with your touch.

Happy baby season.

Thanks for caring about the critters,