Monthly Archives: August 2021

The Return of the Great-horned Owl

A couple weeks ago about 7:00 one evening, Alice, Elizabeth’s neighbor, called and urged her to come over.  “One of the great-horned owls Patti released is here,” she shared. “Hurry.” Elizabeth immediately drove over, but when she arrived, the owl had moved.  Several crows had been making quite a disturbance around the owl, and it […]

We Are Heavily into Fledgling Season…

I have been receiving over forty calls per day, mostly about fledglings. When birds fledge, they spend a few days on the ground running around since they are not sure what to do with their feet and wings.  The parents stay close by to feed and watch over them.  Many callers catch the birds and […]

I Thought You’d Like an Update…

A few weeks ago I wrote you about the sandhill crane I have been raising.  She’s almost 20” tall now.  Her wings are forming.  She still loves worms, eating over 100 a day.  When she tosses them into her water dish before downing them, sometimes she misses the dish.  I move her water dish at […]