I Thought You’d Like an Update…

A few weeks ago I wrote you about the sandhill crane I have been raising.  She’s almost 20” tall now.  Her wings are forming.  She still loves worms, eating over 100 a day.  When she tosses them into her water dish before downing them, sometimes she misses the dish.  I move her water dish at least once a day to reveal those that escaped.  Immediately spying them, she sticks her beak into the tasty treat.

The three owls are doing great.  Huey has become absolutely beautiful.  I wish I had a picture of him to show you.  He is just gorgeous!  He continues to talk to me the entire time I am in the pen feeding them.  Duey has perfected catching the frozen rat in the air.  Luey sits on the perch and mumbles, “Don’t forget me.”

The starling has stopped coming back which means he’s found his wings.  I’m glad.  That’s what I want for him.  I’ve released many others I have not told you about.  A couple days ago a cardinal flew off.  When I picked him up, the person who brought him to me thought he had a broken wing.  Whatever he had, he’s fine now.  Two red squirrels ran to freedom yesterday, and an oriole is about ready to go, too.  These are just a few of the over 900 animals I’ve rehabbed so far this year.

Thanks for your concern and donations to help me with them.


PS  The little turtle continues to hide under the ferns.  He’s doing well.

PPS   Elizabeth’s note:  Patti’s thank you last week came just as her financial resources were getting strained again.  If you can contribute something to Patti right now, she would find it very helpful.  Go https://wildliferehabandrelease.com/donate/ to help.