Baby Bunnies in the Wild Are Cute, but…

Baby bunnies are born with no scent.  Mom feeds them in the morning, leaves for eight to ten hours, returns in the evening, and feeds them again.  At the age of three weeks the babies get their scent, and Mom is done with them.  She is off to have another litter, which she births every six weeks.

If you touch wild baby bunnies be aware that they have fleas, lice, and mites so wash your hands well and watch for signs of these pests on your clothing and your pets’ fur.

They need warmth.  Use a heat source of a heating pad on low; a pop bottle filled with hot water and wrapped in cloth; or a hand or foot warmer placed under their bedding.

Once they have hair and their eyes are open the size of a large egg, release them.  Baby bunnies are very high stress critters.  Be careful not to stress them and don’t keep them too long.

Thank you for caring about the animals,