The Best Outcome for a Wild Animal Baby

When you see or get near a wild animal baby and do not see its mother around, realize that mothers are away from their babies much of the time, but a mother’s absence does not mean the baby has been abandoned.  If you encounter this situation, the first action you need to do is nothing.  Have patience.  Remember a baby’s survival is with its mother.  Just because you do not see her does not mean she has abandoned her baby.  Just like us, mothers always tend to their babies.  Unless she has been injured or killed, she will be back.

If the situation continues and the baby looks weak or sick, your next step is to call me.  Do not approach, pick up, or try to catch a wild animal baby.  You will likely cause harm rather than give help.  Wild animals can be highly stressed by sights, sounds, and smells from people and domestic animals.

Thank you for caring about the animals.  My number is (715) 823-1462