A few days ago…

I got in four pinky squirrel babies only two to three inches long with eyes and noses not yet formed.  Their noses only were two holes through which to breathe.  I started by making sure they were warm.  That is most important for squirrel babies, keeping them warm.  They can go for a while without food, but warmth is imperative.  Then I did feed them every one and a half to two hours.  They are doing well.  At this age they love to cuddle and are the friendliest little people.

If Mom does not return to the nest for whatever reason, squirrel babies are quick to seek help by leaving the nest and running to something big.  Often they run up to children.  If that happens to your children or grandchildren, do not be surprised.

As they grow, squirrels go through different foods.  Right now I am feeding mine formula, but shortly they will eat  soft nuts.  While teething, they even like cauliflower but only for a short time.  Just like people, they go through the stages from kindergarten or middle school to college.  Squirrels exhibit their stage by switching from snuggling to wanting to bite to chewing through screen doors.

If you find baby squirrels and want to help them, realize that they have fleas, mites, and ticks, which they will share with you.  Do not feed them milk; they get diarrhea and die.  Call me if you have questions.  I am glad to answer them.  (715) 832-1462