Every Day Is an Adventure….

Baby Huey, my great horned owl who came to me the size of a cantaloupe with a bunch of fuzz, is now the size of a watermelon.  He has been discovering parts of his body.  His wings now have a three feet wing span.  When he is fully grown their span will be three and a half to four feet wide.  He is beginning to flap them.  They have a waxy substance on them that flies like dandruff when he moves them.  The other day he played leap frog and found that by flapping his wings he could move a foot rather than six inches.  The waxy substance was flying.

He is fascinated by his feet.  A couple days ago he stepped on himself, looked down at his feet, and seemed to wonder what those were.  More importantly he was perplexed that he couldn’t move.  Like a good Mom, I did not intervene but watched him figure out how to untangle his feet, which was just a hoot.  Right now, every day is an adventure with him.  He is my buddy and loves to be with me.  I love watching him grow and learn.