Owl Found Hanging over the Red Cedar River Released

I’m excited to share with you that Sunday evening I released the great horned owl which had been discovered hanging from a branch over the Red Cedar River in Menomonie.  To avoid a group of crows attacking the owl, I released it close to sundown.

You may recall that the owl was recovering from getting one wing bound up in fishing line that was hanging on a tree branch.  In an attempt to get free, the other wing had been fully extended.  The Menomonie Street Department used a boom to rescue the owl, and a warden brought it to me.

Her wing is recovered and she is flying normally.  She will be fine in the wild.  I expect her to lead a normal life.

Click here to access photos and videos of the release.  http://tbf.me/a/n3HZb

Thanks for caring about the critters,