It’s Song Bird Baby Time…

Right now every day I am getting an increasing number of calls on baby song birds.  I tell callers the most important action to take is to keep the babies warm.  You can do that by filling a pop bottle with warm water or taking a hand warmer and putting it under the container in which you place the nest.  Do not place it directly under the nest; that is too much warmth for the babies.  Feeding them is tricky.  They have a hole in the tongue called a glottis which goes directly to the lungs.  Any food given them must get beyond this hole.  They need to be fed every half to three-quarters of an hour from morning until night.

I strongly recommend not to feed them.  Follow my instructions above to keep them warm and call me immediately.  Let me handle the feeding and the rest of their upbringing.

They will grow from hatchling to nestling to fledgling.  When they fledge, they spend a few days on the ground running since they are not sure what to do with their feet and wings.  The parents stay close by to feed them.  If you encounter this situation, realize what is happening.  You can be the most helpful by keeping pets away from them.

Thank you for caring about the baby song birds.


Elizabeth’s note:  Patti has an increasing number of all animals right now and that stresses her financial resources.  She spends $50 to rehab each squirrel, $40 per song bird, and $3.40 per rat, about $50 per day in rats alone for the owls.  If you can contribute something to Patti right now, she would find it very helpful.  Go to the donate page to help.