We Are in Baby-Everything Season

We are in the midst of Mother Nature’s baby season, and, let me tell you, it is busy.  A couple weeks ago, I picked up six baby Starlings, who the rescuer thought were baby Robins.  They do look alike.  They had to be fed every half-hour to forty-five minutes, and they loudly let me know when we had arrived at that time.  By yesterday every one of them had gotten all their feathers.  I set their crate out on the deck, left it open, and had fun watching them take off.  Four immediately flew away.  Two weren’t so sure.  They flew out and then returned to the crate.  Then they did that again.  After watching their uncertainty for several minutes, I walked back into the house, leaving them to figure it out.  When I returned a while later, they, too, had flown off.

I was thrilled.  That is what you and I want, to watch these critters return to the wild.  I’m thankful, too, for a respite from their reminders of time to feed.

I handled over forty calls yesterday from people concerned about baby wildlife.  Oh, and I picked up two more Starlings.  So much for the respite…

Thanks for caring about the critters.