I Call Him Comic…

He is so comical.  I took in this owl a few weeks ago.  He had fallen out of the nest.  That often happens when one of nestlings decides to leave because it is ready and another thinks it can do the same…but it is not ready.  Once an owl has fallen out of the nest, putting it back in the nest is hard.

At this age owls go through stages very quickly.  He is starting to swivel his head, exploring the area around him.  We tend to think owls hunt with their eyes.  In reality they hunt with their hearing.

Every day he has a new row of feathers.

Just like us, each individual has different personalities.  About the same time I got Comic, I received another owl close to the same age.  While Comic is gentle, the other owl grabbed my hand yesterday and wouldn’t let go.

I thought you would enjoy seeing a picture of Comic.  Click here  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dzxRtUZtdw4Q7cmoU7tPqC-c-V_p71SB/view?usp=sharing

Thanks for caring about the critters.


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