If a Bird Hits Your Window…

I’ve had a lot of calls lately about birds hitting windows.  If that happens to you, here is what to do.  Check to see that the bird is alive.  Since it has been knocked out, sometimes that is difficult to judge.  If you are unsure, assume it is and put it in a box.  Set the box in your garage or someplace where the bird will be safe from predators.  Do not take it in the house.  Your house is too warm.  It will not do well with the contrast from outdoor vs. indoor temperature.

Place a cover on the box.  Not a tight cover, use one that will keep the inside dark so that the bird can rest.  It needs time to de-stress and heal from any bruising it incurred when it hit the window.  Check on it the next day.  When it is ready, it will fly off.

Thank you for caring about the critters,