A Cute Little Screech Owl…

About a week and a half ago, I received a call that a family had discovered a baby owl under a trampoline when they were mowing lawn.  All fuzz, the little guy was the size of tennis ball.  He has now grown to be the size of a baseball.  The feathers are coming in on his wings, and he is starting to eat on his own.  He takes prim and proper itty-bitty bites.

Owls can’t smell to help find their food, and his eyes are not yet here for him to see the food.  Thus, I help by breaking his food into small pieces and feeding it to him.

He’s learning how to perch.  Sometimes he uses me as a tree, and his little talons are very sharp.  During the night he wakes me with a sick whimper, which indicates he wants to be held.  I enjoy having him cuddle up into the crook of my elbow.  This little owl is so cute….but aren’t they all!?

Thanks for caring about the critters,