Treated Lumber Needed at WRR

Got lumber? WRR has several building projects under way: the diggers’ den to provide a natural environment for injured badgers, foxes and ground hogs; a DNR regulation size deer pen so deer will no longer have to be transferred to another wildlife rehabilitation place or euthanized; and an enlarged modular cage to accommodate a variety of species as needed.
Much of the ground preparation has been done but in order to continue we need about 100 TREATED 8-foot 2x4s and about 100 TREATED 8-foot 2x2s.  Direct donations of good lumber in these sizes would be wonderful and gift cards to Menards for purchase of same would be great too. Our volunteers are road-blocked until we can get some lumber! Can you help?

We also need a large load of base course gravel for any number of things but primarily for the road being laid to get up the hill to the regulation deer pen in order to get supplies up to them.¬† Call us, email us or forward this post to someone you think can help …. thanks!