Diggers’ Den Coming to WRR!

Coming soon to WRR!  A Diggers’ Den!  WWR’s goal is to provide the environment that helps an injured bird or animal recover and one that helps an orphan infant understand what life is supposed to be like.  With that in mind, one of the many planned projects at WRR is to provide an authentic temporary home for foxes, woodchucks and badgers.
Volunteers will be donating their time soon to build a much needed diggers’ den.  The project will begin with large earth moving machinery to dig down 3 feet into the soil, making room for a den about 20 x 40 feet. Next they will line the earth with wire mesh so no one escapes before the right time.  Then, sides will be built up to about 6 feet high, going up to 8 feet in one section.  The sides are made of wire panels 4 feet wide x 6 feet tall, framed in wood. The panels are lined on the inside with protective mesh so the resident diggers don’t injure themselves on the wire. The roof will slope from a high point of 8 feet to the overall height of 6 feet.  There will be a door for Patti to enter for care and feeding of the diggers inside.
Once completed, this will give WRR yet another authentic habitat for several of the species that may arrive at WRR.
While volunteers donate the labor, the diggers’ den will require approximately $700 in materials.  If you would like to help fund the Diggers’ Den please donate here.